6th March, 2021

March 2021 Catalogue: Items 601 – 650

ITEM 601

ALLOY DISPLAY CASE: Dimensions – 605mm D x 920mm W X 125mm H; satin alloy frames & lid in vgc. some handling marks; red foam lining & fibre board base; carry handle; two latches & locking arm for lid; in vg. cond., ready for the gun shows

$400 – 550

ITEM 602

ALLOY DISPLAY CASE: Dimensions – 765mm D x 615mm W X 130mm H; satin alloy frames & lid in vgc. some handling marks; red foam lining &  MDF board base; carry handle; two latches & locking arm for lid; in vg. cond., ready for the gun shows

$350 – 500

ITEM 603

SCOTTISH DRUM MAJOR ENSEMBLE:  green tartan kilt in light construction; jacket; correct sporran with horsehair & tassels;  belt; cross belt with sword loop; plaid with fringed edges; all mountings & buckles; comes with dummy stand. All in vg to exc condition.  Over $2,000 to replace.

$700 – 1000

ITEM 604

RAMS HORN ORNAMENTAL POWDER FLASK;  made from ram’s horn; black coloured; ram’s head carved to base of horn; relief carvings of ram, 2 bears and 2 wolves to one side of horn; head tilts back to access powder storage area; ZDENEK KLAUD Prague 1864 on steel plate fixed to horn; carry strap fixed to base & top of flask.  Comes with wooden display stand.  Made by famous 19th century Czech artist who specialised in these types of works. Exc wo and cond.

$7000 – 8000

ITEM 605

TIGER SKIN RUG: 7 ft (84″) nose to tip of tail, complete skin; head, teeth, paws, claws tail; no hair slip; no wear; underlined with heavy cloth; exc colour – no fading; obviously extremely well preserved initially & looked after since.  Extremely rare. Excellent condition.  Will not see a better example than this. Tremendous acquisition for collector or sportsman.

$14000 – 17000

ITEM 605a

SET OF THE DOUBLE GUN JOURNALS: 4 issues per Volume; Volumes 1 through 11, covering period Winter 1989 to Summer 2000. Index & Reader for Vols 1-7 – ltd edition (No. 1122 of 2000) signed by founding publisher Daniel Cote. Also signed issues 1, 2, 3 & 4. Includes slip cases for 9 Volumes, with 2 missing. Missing issues 3 of Vol 4, issue 2 of Vol 9 and issues 3 & 4 of Vol. (Missing issues can be bought online). These Journals are in excellent condition & would make a great reference & interest library. Please note: missing issues have been ordered by vendor and should be available (at no additional cost) to the purchaser at time of auction

$1000 – 1500

ITEM 606

U.S. M14 RIFLE STOCK.  Lift up metal butt plate with storage for cleaning equipment (not included); refinished wood with minor bruise marks & discoloration from refinish; sling loops; ‘RMC Duntroon’ stamped to RH side of stock. o/a g cond & wo

$100 – 150

ITEM 607

98K RIFLE STOCK.  Lightly refinished wood in g to vg cond; metal butt plate missing wood screws;  ‘brg’ stamped to butt plate with German emblem over ‘WaW497’. o/a g cond & wo

$150 – 200

ITEM 608

BAYONET. German Model 1898 Mauser bayonet; 20½” quillback pointed blade in g cond with very light marks; SIMSON & Co to blade at hilt; wooden grips in g to vg cond; metal scabbard in g cond with light marks and a few v minor dents. o/a g cond

$300 – 350

ITEM 609

BAYONET. German Model 1871; 18″ blade in g cond with very light marks; ALEX. COPPEL SOLINGEN to blade at hilt; solid brass grips in g cond & wo; leather scabbard in g cond with light marks.     o/a g cond & wo.

$375- 400

ITEM 610

BAYONET. German Model 1871; 18½” sawback blade in g cond with light marks; 51.RR.4.112. to side of hilt; solid brass grips in g cond & wo; leather scabbard in f cond with stitching broken for 2/3 of scabbard length. o/a g cond & wo

$500 – 600

ITEM 611

BAYONET. German Model 1898/05 Mauser Butcher bayonet; 14½” sawback blade in g cond with light marks; wooden grips in g cond & wo; metal scabbard in f to g cond with crease marks near tip. o/a g cond & wo

$500 – 600

ITEM 612

BAYONET. German Model 1898/05 Mauser Butcher bayonet; 14½” blade in g cond with light marks; wooden grips in g cond & wo; metal scabbard in g cond with wear marks.  o/a g cond & wo

$450 – 500

ITEM 613

BAYONETS. Pair of German Model 1884/98 bayonets; 1st : 10″ plum blade in g cond with light marks; wooden grips in f to g cond & gwo; 8201 & JOS CORTSS to either side of blade at hilt; metal scabbard in g cond & wo with Elite Diamant 40 and 133 to either side at top.  o/a g cond & wo.  2ND  :10″ plum blade in g cond with light marks; plastic grips in g cond & gwo; 6044 & E.u.F.Horster to either side of blade at hilt; metal scabbard in g cond & wo with E.u.F.Horster  and 267 to either side at top.  o/a g cond & wo

$250 – 300

ITEM 614

BAYONET. German Model 1884/98 bayonet; 10″ blade in g cond with light marks; plastic grips in g cond & wo; 5145 and E.u.F.Horster to either side of blade at hilt; metal scabbard with frog in g cond. o/a g cond & wo

$150 – 200

ITEM 615

SCOPE CARRY CASE.  Australian WW 2 Issue; issued with A.O.C. Scope fitted to Lithgow WW 2 Sniper Rifles; 11″ canvas over light metal container in g cond; webbing carry straps intact in g cond.  o/a g cond & wo

$450 – 550

ITEM 616

LEATHER SCOPE CASE.  British WW1; to suit Aldis or similar telescopic sights; 13″ case leather in g cond with some wear marks; stitching g; shoulder straps & buckle intact & in g cond broken.  Side of case stamped S over 6683; rare item. o/a g cond & wo

$1000 – 1400

ITEM 617

LEATHER SCOPE CASE.  British or U.S for Winchester A5 Telescope Sights; 17″ case leather soft with some cracking; stitching g to vg; shoulder strap broken.  A scarce item.   o/a g cond & wo

$400 – 500

ITEM 618

U.S. SCOPE CASE. Fibreglass; for ART II Telescopic Sights; possibly Australian Issue; lime green colour with some scratches & wear marks; canvas straps & metal hinges in g wo & cond;  ART II to lid of case.  o/a g cond & wo

$300 – 400

ITEM 619

CANVAS CARRY BAG.  British; suit sights for L1A1 or similar; approx. 9″ x 14″; canvas, straps & stitching in g cond & wo.   o/a g cond & wo

$200 – 250


The following items 620 – 725 are priced to clear and do not have hard reserves

ITEM 620

WINCHESTER MOD. 1906 P/A RIFLE; .22RF; 19.5” round barrel; f. to g. bore; 14 rnd tube mag; worn silver patina to action, barrel, mag tube, slide & hammer; smooth action; std sights; g stock & fore end; gwo & cond #517423 L/R

$150 – 200

ITEM 621

COMETA MOD. 300 AIR RIFLE: 177 Cal; 18.5” barrel with vg. bore; overall exc. nickel finish to metalwork; vg. spring tension; std. sights; beech wood stock with blacked finish, some handling marks; overall in vg. wo & cond. #2288402 L/R Very solid shooter

$100 – 125

ITEM 622

MOSSBERG MOD 346B B/A RIFLE: 22 Cal: 14 rnd tube mag; 24” barrel with exc. bore & rifling; std adj sights; 90% blue finish to all metal; g wood with minor scratch & wear marks; cheek piece to lh side of stock; ½” hard rubber pad to butt; gwo& cond. #20656 L/R

$200 – 300

ITEM 623

REMINGTON AMERICAN BOY SCOUT ROLLING BLOCK S/S RIFLE; 22RF; 27” barrel with poor bore; AMERICAN BOY SCOUT stamped to receiver; REMINGTON AMERICAN ARMS – -UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE Co. stamped half way up barrel; aged 40% finish to receiver, barrel, band, steel butt plate & trigger guard; f. cond. #610 L/R

$300 – 400

ITEM 624

CUSTOM C.I.L. MOD. 402 S/B SHOTGUN: 12G; 30” barrel with exc. bore & 2 ¾” chamber; g. blued finish to barrel with light staining overall; silver steel finish to action; lhs of action with basic scroll; rhs of metal work incl. barrel with extremely ornate deep relieve engraving & carved dogs head, duck; gold inlay & large scroll engraving to length of the barrel & muzzle; woodwork vgc. with some handling marks overall, gold engraved dogs head inlay to rhs of stock; sling swivels; overall in exc. wo & vg cond. #545175 L/R A highly unusual custom piece

$150 – 300

ITEM 625

C.G. BONEHILL B.L.N.E. S x S PIGEON SHOTGUN: 12G; 30” barrels with vg to exc bores, worn blued finish to barrels showing soft patina to handled areas & action; 2 ¾” chambers; Birmingham nitro proof for 1 3/8 ounce; choked approx F & F; side clipped action with borderline engraving; greener style cross bolt; auto safety; woodwork f. to g. cond with repair to rhs of stock head, fair wood to metal fit on top tang; silver shield escutcheon on stock; comes in f. cond. period canvas case;  gwo & condition #612 L/R

$250 – 350

ITEM 626

BRNO ZKM 468 RIFLE: 22 Cal; single shot 20½” barrel with shiny exc bore; BRNO name, model & Cal to receiver; std sights, g to vg cond pistol grip stock with minor marks; original g to vgwo & cond.    #10573 L/R A great example and first rifle

$250 – 350

ITEM 627

BSA TRAINER S/S TRAINER RIFLE; 22 RF, 23.5” barrel; vg shiny bore; canvas sling; std sights; metal work in vg condition; blueing to barrel; action and band 90%; action crisp and smooth; vg condition.     #31001 L/R

$500 – 700

ITEM 628

HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON HAMMER SHOTGUN: 20G; 28” steel barrels with g. bores, light frosting throughout both barrels; 2 3/4″chambers, choked approx. full & ½; blued finish to barrels worn & developing brown patina overall; file cut rib with 20 GA.CHOKE stamped towards breech; silver steel finish to action with some light staining; faint HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON, patents & WORCESTER address to lh lock; g. hammer springs & crisp triggers; action slightly loose; woodwork overall g to vg. with no cracks or damage to semi pistol grip stock, small repair to rhs of forend; defined chequering; 13 ¾” LOP incl. original H & R monogram buttplate; 5lb 9oz; overall in gwo & cond. #1347 L/R

$400 – 500

ITEM 629

MARCO S x S B.L.N.E. SHOTGUN: 12G; 29 1/2″ barrels with exc. bores, free from pitting, bulges & dents; 3″ chambers, choked approx. full & extra full; worn blued finish to barrels in areas; silver coin finish to action with some engraving; action locks up tight, locks crisp; woodwork vg. with only v. minor handling marks; replacement front trigger, 14 1/2″ LOP; overall in exc. wo & g. to vg. cond. #4147 L/R

$350 – 450

ITEM 630

REMINGTON No.2 ROLLING BLOCK S/S RIFLE, 32WCF; 25” octagonal barrel vg bore; top of barrel stamped ‘REMINGTON ARMS CO . ILION. N.Y.U.S.A’; 80% finish to barrel & action; some areas of wear to barrel & around action pins; vgwo & g cond #36799 L/R

$300 – 400

ITEM 631

BSA MARTINI HENRY CADET RIFLE; .310 Cal; 24” barrel with vg bore; std sights with removable hood to front; canvas sling; MADE BY BRITISH SMALL ARMS Co. Ltd. stamped to barrel & LHS of action; COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Q 9219 to RHS of action; Kangaroo stamped on top of receiver; g to vg cond & wo.#57318 L/R

$400 – 500

ITEM 632

HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON STANDARD S/S SHOTGUN: 12G; 32” barrel with g. bore, some light frosting throughout; dark plum patina to metalwork with mottled staining, pitting & marks to barrel; makers name & model to lhs of action; 2 3/4” chamber; action slightly loose, lock crisp & extractor strong; woodwork poor, cracks & splits to forend and stock ; overall in fwo & poor cond. #A952221 L/R

$75 – 100

ITEM 633

STEVENS FAVOURITE S/S RIFLE: 22 cal; 24” barrel with f. bore, g. rifling but some pitting; plum patina to metalwork; action functions; missing forend; stock in f. cond; overall poor cond & wo. #639 L/R

$100 – 150

ITEM 634

DIANNA 300R UNDER LEVER AIR RIFLE: .177, vg bore with sharp rifling; detachable 7 shot rotary cylinder; no sights; black finish to spring housing, magazine/cylinder does not index properly; barrel & cocking lever; stock vg cond; overall rifle seen v. little use with some handling marks; vg cond.  #01281843 L/R

$250 – 350

ITEM 635

HOLLIS & SONS S x S HAMMER SHOTGUN: 12G; 30” barrels with g. bores, some light pitting & minor dents; dull plum patina & staining to metalwork, some corrosion around locks; action loose; locks hold full cock, matching hammers; large notch & ground down section to rh. ball fence; 2 ½” chambers & 1 1/8oz nitro proofs; woodwork poor, stock with cracks & repairs, handling marks; forend good; overall in poor cond & f. wo; #92188 L/R

$250 – 300

ITEM 636

LEIGE UNITED ARMS ROOK RIFLE; single shot, .22RF,24” octagonal barrel with good shiny bore, side lever break open, manual extractor, straight stock with flat top chequering to wrist, light surface rust to all metal work with case colour hardening visible, g overall cond  #5291 L/R

$200 – 250

ITEM 637

REMINGTON 552 SPEEDMASTER S/A RIFLE: 22 Cal; 15 shot tube mag; 23” barrel; g bore; std sights; g cond original blue finish to barrel, tube & trigger guard; name address & calibre to barrel; name & model to lhs of receiver; polished receiver & trigger; g to vg original stock with swivels and strap; g to vgwo & cond. #97879 Cat D L/R

$400 – 600

ITEM 638

B.S.A. MARTINI CADET S/S RIFLE: 310 cadet cal; 25” round barrel with vg bore, well defined rifling; g. blued finish to metalwork with some plum patina developing in areas; std. adjustable sights; Australian marks incl. kangaroo to breech, commonwealth of Australia stamped to rhs of action & stock; lhs of stock showing extensive handling marks & shallow dents, forewood crudely cut down; overall in vg+ wo & f to g cond. #64536 L/R Still a great shooter

$350 – 450

ITEM 639

NORICA MOD. 61 S/S AIR RIFLE: 177 Cal; 18” barrel with g. bore & strong rifling; blued finish to metalwork g. with some surface staining; mainspring with exc. tension; woodwork overall in vgc, some v. light handling marks; overall in vg. wo. & cond. #D70375 L/R

$150 – 200

ITEM 640

ADLER MOD. A 110 L/A SHOTGUN: 12G; 4 rnd tube magazine; 28” barrel with full length ventilated top rib & mint bore; 3” magnum chamber; satin black finish to metalwork in exc. cond with only trace amounts of handling marks; A -110 & Adler trademarks to left & right side of receiver; makers full name, MADE IN TURKEY & 12G 3” 28” stamped to lhs of barrel; black polymer stock in exc. cond with no handling marks; overall in exc. wo & cond. #1601311 Cat B L/R A must-have for any collector of fine sporting shotguns

$450 – 550

ITEM 641

B.S.A. LEE ENFIELD B.A. SERVICE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot detachable mag; 25” barrel with unknown bore cond, dark & dirty; reasonable blued finish to metalwork with some storage marks & plum patina; non matching bolt cycles well; matching barrel; std. sights move freely; body socket stamped with makers name & B.S.A. Sht L.E. III 1940; woodwork overall f. with handling marks & bruising, crack to hand guard timber; missing brass escutcheon to rhs; fitted with period canvas sling overall in f. wo & cond. #93275 L/R

$200 – 400

ITEM 642

ANSCHUTZ MOD. 1400 B/A RIFLE: 22 cal; 10 rnd detachable mag.; 22” round barrel with exc. bore & rifling; poor blued finish to metalwork with spotted staining & blemishes to length of barrel; no fore sight; action cycles smoothly; J.G. Anschutz & address to lhs of receiver; woodwork overall in vg. cond with very minor handling marks; fitted with BUSHNELL BANNER 4x optics & leather sling; overall in vg. wo & g. cond. #606026 L/R

$300 – 550

ITEM 643

BEEMAN SPORTSMAN SERIES 2 AIR RIFLE: 177 Cal; 20” barrel with mint bore & rifling; blued finish to metalwork in f. cond with speckled surface corrosion to barrel & spring housing, no visible wear or handling marks; main spring exc. with strong tension; synthetic stock exc. with no handling marks; fitted with factory BEEMAN 4 x 32 optics & rubber recoil pad; overall in as new cond. & g. cond #00600851 L/R Essentially a brand new gun that has been poorly stored

$100 – 150

ITEM 644

FN BROWNING A GRADE U/O SHOTGUN: 12 Gauge; 30” barrels with ventilated top rib; vg bores internally, some bulges/ ripples to bottom barrel; 2 ¾” chambers; g. blued finish to barrels & action with some handling wear and plum patina; Belgian proofs to side of breech; F.N. full name & CHROME to lhs of top barrel; action loose; broken ejector; g. to vg. stock with worn chequering & some v. light spotted blemishes overall; 14 ¼” LOP with 1” ventilated recoil pad #2424554 L/R

$250 – 300

ITEM 645

IVER JOHNSON HERCULES SxS B.L.N.E. SHOTGUN: 12 Gauge; 32” barrels with exc bores; 2 ¾” chambers; choked approx full & extra full; worn blued finish to barrels with 30% remaining & some staining to lh barrel; 40% case colour remaining to action with IVER JOHNSON’S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS. FITCHBURG MASS. U.S.A. to rhs & dog stamped to lhs; auto safety & vg locks; IVER JOHNSON to rhs barrel HERCULES GRADE to lhs barrel; woodwork g with handling marks to pistol grip stick; chequered grip with exc Bakelite IVOR JOHNSON cap; 1/3” Bakelite buttplate with IVOR JOHNSON & owl trademark in vg to exc cond. overall in vgwo & g cond. #14275 L/R

$300 – 400

ITEM 646

MOSSBERG MOD. 195K A B/A SHOTGUN: 12G; 2 rnd detachable magazine; 26 1/2″ barrel incl. poly choke, bore vg. & shiny; last 2” of barrel with porting to both sides; poor blued finish to metalwork with spotted blemishes, staining to breech end of barrel; some surface corrosion to magazine; action cycles well; woodwork in vg. cond with only minor handling marks overall; fitted with ventilated orange rubber recoil pad; overall in vg.wo & f. to g. cond. #6378 CF Cat A L/R

$200 – 300

ITEM 647

WINCHESTER MOD. 1902 S/S B/A RIFLE: 22 cal; 18” barrel with poor bore, no rifling remaining & some frosting throughout; staining to silver steel finish to metalwork; action cycles & holds full cock; woodwork poor, has been sanded back, left unsealed & now dried, showing fine cracks; overall in poor cond. #0121 L/R

$50 – 75

ITEM 648

B.S.A. MARTINI CADET RIFLE: 310 Cadet; 25” barrel with p. bore, defined rifling and some dirt or surface corrosion throughout, may clean up; f. blued finish to metalwork with dark plum patina & some light surface oxidation in areas; scratches to beech & three drill holes to lhs of receiver; action still cycles & dry fires; COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA & N.S.W. to rhs of receiver, kangaroo stamp to breech; makers name & trademark to lhs of receiver; woodwork sound with poor finish & light handling marks; overall in f. wo & cond. #22191 L/R

$200 – 300

ITEM 649

WINCHESTER MOD. 94 L/A RIFLE: 38-40 Cal; 4 rnd ½ length tube mag; 19 1/2″ octagonal barrel with f. bore, fine pitting/ frosting throughout but well defined rifling, may grade up with a clean; plum patina to metalwork with some mottled staining to sides of receiver; some surface slices to underside of barrel; WINCHESTER address & patents to lhs of barrel along with 38-40; std. buckhorn sights ; action cycles; woodwork overall in g. cond, sound with handling marks & bruises; crescent steel butt plate; overall in fwo & cond. #893906 L/R

$125 – 150

ITEM 650

SPANISH ZAMACOLA MOD. JABALI S x S B.L.N.E SHOTGUN: 16G; 27.5” barrels with vg to exc bores, v. minor frosting after forcing cones; 2 ¾” chambers, choked approx ¼ & ¾; worn blued finish to barrels showing dark, patchy patina overall; action slightly loose; woodwork g. worn chequering & handling marks, no damage or cracks; overall in vg. wo & g. cond. #17990 L/R

$350 – 450