National Firearms Amnesty

Australian governments have come together to hold an ongoing national amnesty to reduce the number of unregistered firearms in the community.

The amnesty commenced Thursday 1 July 2021

The amnesty allows people to surrender the following possessions without fear of prosecution:

  • Firearms (including homemade firearms)
  • Firearm related parts and accessories
  • Cartridge ammunition

Australian Fine Arms is a Licensed Firearms Dealer.

As such, we can advise & assist you as to the best way to dispose of your unwanted items.

Not only do you get to legally dispose of the item, but in most cases we can assist you to realise the value of the item, either by direct sale, or via one of our twice-yearly auctions.

Please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you have any of the above items. Unregistered firearms are not only highly illegal, but they also pose a threat to you, your family and the broader community.